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Guitar Pyrography: Wood Burning Art

Wood burning, or pyrography, is an ancient art of using a hot poker or a soldering iron to carve intricate designs into wood. The technique works almost like tatooing on skin, and it’s used by artists in many different genres, including music.

It can be used for many different purposes such as creating a picture on a guitar, giving the instrument a modern or elegant look, or even creating custom one-off designs.

pyrography guitar

Many guitarists have used pyrography with album covers, posters and various other projects. If you want to start learning this amazing art, you can easily try to draw on a piece of wood. It’s an easy and fun way to practice your skills and express yourself.

Guitar builders have started using pyrography more and more and it is becoming a trend in the guitar building world. 

It has also been adopted by millions of people across the world in different industires. It is used for making unique patterns on wooden products such as wooden instruments, wooden casings, tables, trays, and more. Pyrography is a fun and creative way to spice up the looks of any wooden product.

Why Pyrography is popular among guitar builders

Are you into building guitars?

Then you need to know about pyrography. This technique is the best way to decorate raw wood that’s otherwise pretty bland. It takes a little bit of practice, but the results are amazing.

It's all about the guitar geek in you, we've all got those times where we just wanted to draw something on our guitar, and now there's a growing community of people that are sharing the same passion in the guitar building world. 

These days, there are more and more ways to draw on guitars, and while some are pretty rare (similar to the old days of singing and playing 'Hey Jude' on the, others are prefer tattooing their guitar through pyrography.

These pyrographers/guitar builders/artists are overflowing with talent. Aside from their musical side, their artistry  shines through the shades and outlines of their beautiful artwork. 

We believe that though not everyone is an artist, everyone can be artistic. Explore that artistic side through a wooden tattoo on your guitar. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes! If you fail on the first try, do it again. Those expensive paintings that looked like spilled paint (lol) might have been a mistake that turned into art. We’ll never know!

Draw something on your guitar through pyrography. It’s a tattoo that adds character to your instrument.

wood burning art

Guitarists have a deep appreciation for the accuracy of musical instruments. Pyrography, or guitar engraving, is an art form where a competitive guitar player transcribes a musical composition onto a guitar using only their fingerprints. Here's our list of the coolest (and most intricate) pyrography guitars on the internet.

Pyrography is a craft anyone could master

Still clueless how fun pyrography is? We found this Youtube channel that did pyrography on his guitars and it turned out amazing! Perhaps this would inspire you for your next build. His videos will allow you to appreciate not just the outcome, but the process of doing pyrography as well. Enjoy!

Here are some guitar kits we would recommend if you planned on doing pyrography on your guitar kit. These kits have a big empty space in the body ready to receive some love and art. Preferably, you would want to choose a guitar body with no veneers on top, and one that has a small pickguard or no pickguard at all, so you have the freedom to design and place intricate patterns and images. 

The team from Guitar Kit World wishes you a good day and a fun guitar DIY experience!

Till next time, Keep on rocking guys! 

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