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Peter Persson
Thank u gkw . I`m very happy about the resultat of my semi hollowbody Cobraburst. I Will surely recomend you 👍

‎Michael Cummins‎
First base coat of Dark Tease Wudtone applied..!

‎Nick Rogers‎
Finished making this today. I did upgrade pickups and tuners. Really pleased with how it looks plays and sounds

‎Roger Hanmer‎
My lefty Sg kit looking sweet!!

David Raymer
Here's a project bass I just finished from one of those cheapo raw guitar kits - $67 with shipping lol! It's not for a novice you have to drill all the holes, but besides that fairly good quality. My paint job wasn't working out so I did a vintage thing like my wife does on furniture. The surprise is how bright the sound is - almost Rickenbacker like.

Brian Hicks‎
My ESG style kit.

Adam Coughlan‎
I put the build on my time line. I'll have to figure how to post it. Going to build myself one since this turned out so good.sounds and plays amazing. The owner is very happy.

Ian Lozada‎
Almost finished-- I did upgrade pickups & tuners.

‎Adam Coughlan‎
SG kit with quilted maple.still waiting on the custom headstock decal

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