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Frequently Asked Questions


Can you build me this kit? 

Please, contact our support team describing the kit you want to build and provide some images if possible.

Where are your DIY kits made? 

All our DIY guitar kits are manufactured in China. We ship our kits from warehouses in China and the US.

Do you ship to my country?

We are temporarily unable to accept orders from some countries because of shipping delays caused by the COVID-19. To learn the latest status related to shipping visit our contact us page here

We offer free shipping to over 100 countries from our 🌎 International warehouse in China. Please, visit our Shipping Policy page to learn more.

Shipments to some countries are subject to duties and taxes determined by your countries customs. Please, note that those fees are not covered by Guitar Kit World.

Why your Custom Shop kits are more expensive than your stock kits?

Our stock kits start from $179.99 and include free shipping to most countries. Our stock kits are more affordable because we build, ship, and store them in batches, unlike our Custom Shop kits, produced and shipped individually and start from $349.99.

In terms of quality, there is no difference between our Custom Shop kits and our regular stock kits.

Why should I consider the Custom Shop products for my next DIY project?

We recommend our builders to order Custom Shop kits if they want something unique, not available anywhere on the internet.

In our Custom Shop, we offer more than 40 guitar kit body shapes. It's one of the broadest range of DIY kits on the internet.

You can choose your hand orientation, tonewood type, fretboard inlays, headstock shape, neck joint type, binding options & more. You can view all the kit shapes and learn more from our Custom Shop page.

Is everything included to build a working electric guitar?

Our stock kits have all the parts (unless it says on the product page that it comes without hardware) to build your own working DIY electric guitar. 

For our Custom Shop kits it depends on your order customization.

If unsure, we recommend contacting our support team at

How good are your DIY guitar kits?

We stand behind the quality of our products and provide a warranty on all products. To learn more about our warranty and refund policies read our Refund Policy.

To learn more on what to expect from our kits, visit our Customer Reviews page and our social media pages to see what other builders are saying about our kits:

Do you offer bolt-on and set neck guitars?

We offer both, you will need to look at the specifications of each model to determine the neck attachment method.

Do the DIY kits come ready for painting or staining?

Yes, the majority of kits come well sanded but we do recommend sanding the body lightly prior to finishing.

Do you sell completed or finished guitars?

No, we only sell unfinished DIY guitar kits.

Do you sell DIY guitar kit parts separately?

No, at the moment, we don't sell guitar kit parts (bodies, necks, hardware, etc.) separately.

Do you offer upgraded hardware sets?

No, at the moment, we don't offer hardware upgrade options. All the hardware, electronics, and other accessories used on our DIY kits are non-branded.

For now, we recommend our advanced builders order our kits without hardware and then install their own branded hardware sets to achieve the best results.

How a first-time builder can get started?

We prepared a range of tutorials to assist you with assembly, finishing and final setup. Go to to get started with your project.

If something is unclear and you have questions please reach out to our Builder Success team from our Contact us page

What tools are required to assemble a kit guitar?

Depending on the type of guitar you buy you may only require tools and materials for finishing the guitar (painting) and soldering.

Screwdrivers, sandpaper and sanding block. Finishing supplies e.g. Paint, stain, and clear gloss, ventilation mask, coping saw or jigsaw if shaping the headstock.

With this small list of inexpensive tools, you will be up and running and ready to build your electric guitar in no time.

Recommended: Luthier Tools for DIY Guitar Kits

How long will it take to have a playable guitar?

It depends on the choice of finish. For instance, when you paint or stain a guitar you will need the surface to dry and harden (cure). This can take anywhere from 1 week to 3 months depending on your choice of finishing product.

You will find the guitar dries to approximately 90% very quickly but the final 10% takes some time. If you can’t wait that long you could try tung oil or wax finish but bear in mind the finish won’t be as durable and protect the guitar as effectively.

Do you have printed handbook manuals for your kits?

No, our DIY kits don't come with printed handbook manuals, but we have online handbook manuals with video instructions you can find on our website here.

Recommended: Guitar Kit Assembly Manuals

If you require assistance with the assembly of your guitar, please contact us for after-sales support.

What glue should you use if ordering a set neck guitar?

Titebond is a good option, commonly found in hardware stores. You can learn more from our Guitar Kit Assembly Manuals.

What should the finished guitar look like?

That’s completely up to you, but we do have some advice that will help steer you in the right direction, use a reference. In most cases, this will be a guitar you particularly like the look of and want to create something similar.

To view the latest DIY guitars from our community follow us on Instagram and visit our Customer Reviews page.

Find a guitar image online with a finish you particularly like, print it out and reference it often.

When audio engineers first start out they are told to use a reference point in the form of a studio recording to get an impression of how the guitars should sound, this is exactly the same principle.

How good can a kit guitar sound?

It’s defined firstly by the components you use and secondly the workmanship that goes into putting it all together. There are some very good kit guitars available and some lesser quality guitar kits.

Watch the community section of our Youtube Channel to learn how kit guitars sound.

There is a lot of debate about timber and while it’s true most cheaper guitar kits are made from basswood, popular manufacturers such as Ibanez regularly use basswood in some of their guitars as well.

It’s not black and white when it comes to timber and you need to take into consideration how thick your finish is and how well prepared the timber is.

Where should you work on the guitar?

If you have a space that offers a good airflow and affords you plenty of room go for it. Just be aware of the finishing process and avoid spraying your guitar near anything that won’t fully appreciate overspray.

Safety should be your first consideration at all times, so ensure you have good ventilation and have a fire extinguisher close by, remember most guitar finishing products are highly flammable.

Got more questions or want to send us your feedback?

We're always looking for new ideas on how we can improve our service and adding more kits to our store. If you have any feedback or questions, please reach out by emailing us from our Contact Us Page.