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Guitar Kit World Media Kit

Thank you for your interest in Guitar Kit World. Here you can find our brand resources along with guidelines for how to use them. 

Our name

Guitar Kit World is three words. It is spelled with capital G, K and W.

Our website

Our website can be found at

Our logo

Our primary logo pairs the Guitar Kit World icon with the Guitar Kit World word mark. This is the correct version of our logo to use in almost all cases.

Main Guitar Kit World logo

If the primary logo is too large or does not work for a particular use, a one-line version may be used.

Horizontal Guitar Kit World LogoOur colors

Our main color (#DD4F34) projects a friendly and upbeat mood which is why we chose it. Dark blue (#272B3A) is our alternative color we use if our main color doesn't fit the design.

The white version of our logo should be used when it is placed on a dark background.

Black background Guitar Kit World Logo


Please do not change the shape, proportion, color, orientation of our brand assets, or use them as part of your own product, business, or service's name. These graphics are proprietary and protected by intellectual property laws.‍

To contact us for media inquiries, please send an email to