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If you're a left-handed guitarist I already know your biggest complaint. There just aren't as many options when it comes to guitars as there are if you play right handed. I'm a lefty, I know how frustrating it is when you can't try out your best mates guitar or when you walk into a music store to browse new guitars and you're lucky to find 1 to 2 guitars you could actually play, let alone like.

Sure there are a few positives, hardly anyone will ever pick up your guitar, and most of the time you will be the only lefty in the band meaning you can achieve great on stage symmetry. But all things considered, it's not easy being a left-handed guitarist.

But what about if you prefer to build you own, are left handed guitar kits even harder to find?

Lefty Guitar Kits

It's also pretty much a case of slim pickings when it comes to left-handed guitar kits, with even fewer options available due to low demand many manufacturers don't even offer left handed guitars and if they do they tend to run out pretty fast. The few left handed kits I have bought over the years used inferior timber or came with a right handed nut. Which in itself isn't a huge problem, but removing the nut and ordering in a left handed one is an extra complication most of us just don't need.

Left handed guitar kit


As you can see the range of electric guitar kits available for left handers is just a fraction compared to right-handers but there are at least some options available if you are interested in building your own electric guitar. We will update this article when more kits for left-handers become available, hopefully in the not too distant future.

Should I just play guitar right handed?

Hell no. Jimi Hendrix, Kurt Cobain, and Albert King didn't give in to the right handed world and neither should you.

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