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    Why Make Your Own Guitar?

    An electric guitar kit allows you to customize and finish your guitar in any way you like. You can order from any of our 40+ guitar shapes available, then choose from a range of custom options including neck, body and fretboard timber, inlay material and hardware making it a truly customized instrument. You can then stain or paint your new guitar in any style or design you like. You will learn a lot about guitars along the way, and you will have a great guitar to show for it at the end of the process.

    How Difficult is it?

    Kit guitars come with all the specialized work done for you. Our guitars come with all pre-drilling, shaping, routing and fretwork completed. We also offer a full range of tutorials for beginners and after sales support to ensure you are never stuck.

    Tools Required for Assembling a Guitar Kit

    The great news is you don’t need any specialized tools to assemble one of our guitars. The tools below are just the essentials. Depending on the type of guitar you buy you may only require tools and materials for finishing the guitar (painting) and soldering. Screwdrivers, sandpaper and sanding block. Finishing supplies e.g. Paint, stain, and clear gloss, ventilation mask, coping saw or jigsaw if shaping the headstock. With this small list of inexpensive tools, you will be up and running and ready to build your electric guitar in no time.

    Dedicated after sales support, we’ve got you covered. See the Full Range