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Warranties & Return Policy


As we have strict quality control processes in place, workmanship issues, missing parts or defects are extremely rare. If you suspect you have encountered a problem that should be raised with us please contact us immediately.

Please be sure to include a photo that clearly demonstrates the issue along with a brief description.

We will then issue further instructions.

If you have been provided a part that requires replacing in most cases we will ask you to send the part back to us and we will in turn issue a replacement as soon as possible (generally within 20 days).

Please note replacement part delivery times can vary if you have ordered a custom guitar kit.

Once the part has been received at our facility it will undergo testing to determine the origin of the defect. If it is deemed that the guitar was damaged during assembly you will receive an additional invoice for the part that requires replacing.

  • All parts and workmanship are covered for a period of 20 days after your order has been received.
  • A Limited Warranty (please see below) applies to all products reported 20 days or more past the date of the product being received.

Replacement Parts

If you made a mistake during assembly or lost a part you can also get in touch to arrange replacements.


We stand behind the quality of our products and provide a limited warranty on all products. Products are returned, repaired, or replaced based on the following:

Up to 20 days

If the product or part has a specific fault that is reported within 20 days of the product being received we will refund your order in full once the product has been returned to the factory.

Please note if any alterations or adjustments have been made in this time warranty is void.

Over 20 days

If the product or part has a specific fault that is reported after 20 days of the product being received we will refund 50% your order (or 50% of the part requiring replacement) once the product has been returned to the factory.

*Please note this does not cover damage caused by changes in humidity e.g. cracking or twisting of timber.

**Please note if any alterations or adjustments made in this time warranty is void.

Should you wish to discuss a return please contact us.


Please note if you identify a defect with the timber work of your guitar e.g. a dent or chip please contact us.

In the event of a dent, these can often be easily repaired without any specialised equipment or skill set. We will be happy to advise on how this is best carried out.

Recommended reading: Fixing Dents and Chips on Guitar Kits

In the case of a defect with any of our spalted maple veneer tops. Please note spalted maple is regarded as a distressed timber and as a result, small defects are not considered uncommon and will be treated on a case by case basis depending on the severity of the defect.

Defects due to humidity changes

Please note that due to the nature of the products we offer – unfinished timber – under rare circumstances, changes in humidity can potentially cause cracking or twisting, specifically regarding the guitar's neck.

While this is rare, it is essential to note that Guitar Kit World does not cover any cracking or warping due to humidity.

Similarly, changes in humidity may occasionally cause the body veneer to separate. It is also not covered by Guitar Kit World. However, it is relatively simple to repair, and our Builder Success team will be happy to assist.

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