JM Bass Guitar Kit

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$399.99 USD

Our JM Bass guitar kit is a solid body bass DIY kit that you can modify to your playing style and preferred musical genres such as funk, disco, reggae, blues, progressive rock, heavy metal or jazz fusion.

If you wish to customize it further please contact our customer support team at

  • Body type*: Solid
  • Orientation*: Custom
  • Neck Joint*: Bolt-on
  • Neck Shape*: C-shaped
  • Frets*: 20
  • Scale*: 864mm
  • Cutaways*: Double
  • Body Timber*: Custom
  • Neck Timber*: Custom
  • Fretboard Timber*: Custom
  • Veneer*: Custom
  • Binding: None
  • Inlays: Custom
  • Sanding Sealer: Custom
  • Pickups*: JB-JB
  • Bridge*: Fixed
  • Nut: Custom
  • Pickguard: Custom
  • Plastic Covers*: Custom
  • Hardware Colors: Custom
  • String*: Steel
  • Machine Heads*: Closed
  • Truss Rod: Double Way
  • Electronics*: 2V, 1T
  • Vibrato bar/ Tremolo: Tremolo

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