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SG Guitar Kit with parts

SG Guitar Kit Review

An SG style guitar kit can be a great project to work on whether you are experienced with assembling and finishing kit guitars or even if this is your first build. In the following article, we’re going to take a closer look at SG style guitar kits, list the best options, as well as provide […]

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Highlighted grain stain guitar finishing

Guitar Finishing 101 (The Highlighted Grain / Stain Finish)

There’s an endless list of choices available when it comes to guitar finishing. Options include oiling, staining, finishing in a graduated combination of colors e.g. sunburst to a standard solid color finish. To make matters even more complex, within these available options there are also any number of material considerations and methods of application to […]

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Left Handed Guitar Kits

Left Handed Guitar Kits

If you’re a left-handed guitarist I already know your biggest complaint. There just aren’t as many options when it comes to guitars as there are if you play right handed. I’m a lefty, I know how frustrating it is when you can’t try out your best mates guitar or when you walk into a music store […]

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Telecaster Guitar Kits

Telecaster® Guitar Kits

Telecasters® are synonymous with the birth of electric guitars. In fact the humble ‘Tele’ (first known as the ‘Broadcaster’ was the first commercial electric guitar out of the Fender stables and its enduring legacy is a testament to its unique tone and design. As a result Telecaster Guitar Kits are popular with kit guitar builders. […]

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