Schaller 1370/2 Tremolosystem Floyd Rose

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  • Schaller Tremolo right has exchangeable knife edges made of hardened steel and cast steel saddles, combined with a solid tremolo block provide perfect sound transmission and an extremely long sustain. The dimensions of Schaller Tremolo are exactly the same as the dimensions of both the Floyd Rose Tremolo and LockMeister Tremolo. You can easily replace your Floyd Rose Tremolo or your LockMeister Tremolo with a Schaller Tremolo. This also applies to all replacement parts!
  • The back of the string lock inserts is numbered with 0,1 and 2. 0 is for the D and G strings, 1 is for the A and B strings and the number 2 is for both E strings.
  • Model: Right-Hand Finish: Polished Tremolo-Block (mm): 42 Surface: Gold Model: With Locking-Nut (No.) Measurements l x w x h (mm): 92x58x10 Radius 12"

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