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Timbermate Wood Grain Filler

Wood Grain Filler for Guitar Bodies

All hardwoods are fairly open grained, some more than others. To achieve a smooth glossy finish we require an even surface to work with and when using an open grain timber such as Mahogany this can be difficult. To achieve this the open pores of the timber should be filled using wood grain filler. It’s not […]

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Acoustic Guitar Tonewoods

Guitar Tonewoods

A tonewood is a type of timber Luthiers (makers of stringed instruments) refer to for its tonal characteristics e.g. it’s, ability to make a nice sounding guitar. They are almost always a hardwood. We have listed the 5 most common timbers below. Mahogany – A warm sounding timber commonly used by Gibson. Many guitarists consider […]

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Guitar Pickups Explained

Pickups play a massive role in the tone of an electric guitar, so it makes sense to understand the basics of how they actually work and the variations of guitar pickups available. In the most basic sense, the pickups you will be dealing with when assembling an electric guitar kit are magnetic. There are other […]

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