EXP Bass Kit with 5 Strings

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$399.99 USD

Build your own EXP-style 5-string bass guitar. This DIY guitar kit can be customized according to your taste and playing style. Customize hand-orientation, timber type, bindings, and more.

If you want to modify further please email our customer support team at support@guitarkitworld.com and they will be happy to help.

  • Body type*: Solid
  • Hand Orientation*: Custom
  • Neck Joint: Bolt-on
  • Neck Shape*: C-shaped
  • Frets*: 22
  • Scale*: 864mm
  • Cutaways*: Single
  • Body Timber*: Custom
  • Neck Timber*: Custom
  • Fretboard Timber*: Custom
  • Veneer*: Custom
  • Binding: None
  • Inlays: Custom
  • Sanding Sealer: Custom
  • Pickups*: JB
  • Bridge*: Fixed
  • Nut: Custom
  • Pickguard: Custom
  • Plastic Covers*: Custom
  • Hardware Colors: Custom
  • String*: Steel
  • Machine Heads*: Closed
  • Truss Rod: Double Way
  • Electronics*: 2V,1T
  • Vibrato bar/ Tremolo: Tremolo

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