Celebrity Custom Guitars

You may not be aware that some very influential guitarists have either built their own guitars completely from scratch or pieced together their own custom guitars.

Three of the very best custom numbers below.

Eddie Van Halen

Eddie played his home made ‘Frankenstein’ guitar on all the early Van Halen albums, which contain some of the most memorable guitar moments in the history of rock music. If you aren’t familiar with Eddie’s guitar playing just type ‘eruption’ into You Tube. Honestly I’m still not sure if Eddie’s playing inspires me to get better or inspires me to simply give up, such is his complete mastery of the guitar but it sure is entertaining.

Brian May

Dubbed the ‘Red Special’ or ‘Fireplace’ because some of the parts were actually taken from the fireplace of his parents’ home. No more warm nights in the living room for the May family but he’s gone on to do pretty well for himself. The guitar itself is now mass produced and can be purchased from: www.brianmayguitars.co.uk if interested.

Bo Diddley

The legendary and definitely one of a kin’ blues guitarist who played his now famous ‘Cigar Box’ guitar throughout his career. Sure, it’s as ugly as all hell but nobody had one quite like it. Cigar box guitar building is pretty much a genre all it’s own. This tutorial from WikiHow goes into more depth if you are interested in owning your own cigar box guitar.

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