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Adjusting Intonation With Screwdriver

How to Adjust your Guitar Intonation

Kit guitars are notorious for requiring some adjustment before being ready to play. There are a number of things you will need to do prior to playing your new guitar including adjustments to the neck using the truss rod to reduce warping or bowing, adjusting the nut to set the action and setting the guitar’s […]

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Straight Edge on Guitar Neck

A Step by Step Guide to Truss Rod Adjustment

Straightening Your Guitar Kit’s Neck for Ultimate Playability One of the most obvious reasons a guitar may not play well comes down to a bent or warped guitar neck. Guitar Kit’s will often require some truss rod adjustment after assembling. Adjusting your neck is often essential to provide a good playing experience. But how is […]

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Buzz-Off Fret Leveling Kit

Fret Buzz, Why it Happens and How to Fix it

Fret Buzz is a fairly common problem with both electric and acoustic guitars.  In a nutshell, fret buzz occurs when your guitar string vibrates against the frets of your guitar neck, it’s a fairly common but frustrating problem. In some cases it can be solved by changing your old strings that have built up too […]

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GIGmate PRO Guitar Kits

Guitar Tools Review: GIGmate PRO Guitar Kit

For guitar players, whether professional or just starting out, having the right guitar tools really helps to maintain your instrument and get the best out of it at all times, in terms of tone and playability. The GIGmate PRO Guitar Tool Kit claims to be the industry standard in guitar tool kits and after putting […]

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