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How Do Electric Guitars Work

If you are into building guitars (chances are since you are on a custom guitar building site you most likely are) then you probably have spent quite a bit of time tinkering with your guitar’s look and feel. But what about the sound it produces? How does the simple act of picking a guitar string produce […]

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Strat Kit Guitar

How to Wire a Stratocaster Guitar Kit

In the following article we’re going to be running through the basics of wiring up a Stratocaster Guitar Kit. These articles are aimed at keeping things simple so if this is your first guitar kit the following information should be useful without getting overly technical. Preparation Before we get going just keep a couple of […]

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Electric Guitar Wiring for Kit Guitars

Depending on your choice of guitar kit you may be required to perform a small amount (or a large amount) of work wiring the guitar. This typically involves a soldering iron and a basic understanding of guitar electronics. You will also need to be able to follow schematic diagrams of pickup configurations. It’s not a one […]

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How to Install Pre-Wired Pickups

For many of us once our guitar is assembled, set up properly and provided with a quality finish our attention turns to tone and how get the best sounding guitar we can. Tone comes down to a lot of factors e.g. build of the guitar, choice of amplification, playing ability and choice of pickups. The […]

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Single Coil Pickup

How High Should my Pickups be?

How high should you adjust your pickups after your kit guitar assembly is complete? It makes sense to want to know after all it has the potential to have an impact on the output of your new guitar and since you have built this guitar yourself you don’t have the benefit of having this taken care […]

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Guitar Pickups Explained

Pickups play a massive role in the tone of an electric guitar, so it makes sense to understand the basics of how they actually work and the variations of guitar pickups available. In the most basic sense, the pickups you will be dealing with when assembling an electric guitar kit are magnetic. There are other […]

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