Guitar Tools Review: GIGmate PRO Guitar Kit

For guitar players, whether professional or just starting out, having the right guitar tools really helps to maintain your instrument and get the best out of it at all times, in terms of tone and playability. The GIGmate PRO Guitar Tool Kit claims to be the industry standard in guitar tool kits and after putting it through it's paces it’s hard to find a reason to disagree. Read below for our full review.

Gigmate Pro
All the tools you need for minor repairs and maintenance.

The Right Tools for the Job

GIGmate PRO Guitar Tool Kits

GIGmate PRO Guitar Kits
The GIGmate PRO Guitar Kit

Many minor guitar repairs can be done from the comfort of your own home, but only if you have the right tools on hand. GIGmate guitar kits put all the essentials together in one easy to carry case. It's ideal for fast string changes and minor adjustments to your setup and is suitable for both acoustic and electric guitars.

What's included:

  • Fuller 5-inch Professional string cutters
  • 2 in 1 screw driver
  • String winder (longer handle that typical string winders to avoid contact with your other tuning pegs when winding)
  • 4 X allen wrenches (1.5mm, 2.5mm 3mm and 4mm)
  • Trem poker (useful for removing ball ends that end up stuck in your tremolo)
  • Pick Pocket (Keep your guitar picks organised in one central location)
  • 6-inch double sided steel ruler
  • Mini MagLite (adjustable)
  • Nylon case with 6 pocket guitar string organizer and pick pocket

It also includes a durable zippered, padded nylon case with a 6 pocket guitar string organizer and pick pocket. (*the case can also be purchased separately)

Made for the Road

Every aspect of the Gigmate PRO Guitar kit is built to survive time “on the road,” making it an excellent addition to any gigging musicians equipment list. It's compact, light to travel with and includes the tools guitarists need to take good care of their instrument.

The Gigmate Pro Guitar kit is really compact, at 6 by 9-inches it really packs a lot of value into a small package and at $42.99 on, these kits can also probably fit into most starving musicians budgets as well! The price is far less then you would end up spending on each of these tools individually, and a whole lot less than you would spend taking your guitar to the repair shop for just a minor repair. Gigmate also offer a thirty day money back guarantee if you are not completely happy with your purchase

GIGmate guitar kits are recommended as great gifts for any guitar player, even beginners. If you are looking for professional grade, high quality tools all in one convenient place GIGmate guitar kits are the way to go.

In agreement, one particularly enthusiastic reviewer says “this is the best product for a guitarist to maintain his guitar... I cannot live without it.” With high marks on all fronts, it’s hard to see where you could go wrong.

There are three options for purchasing. Firstly the Gigmate PRO from $42.99 with items as listed above. There is also the Gigmate from $27.95 (standard wire cutters, standard flashlight and no steel ruler included) and the case which can be purchased separately from $12.99

*Prices are current at time of writing.

Buy the GIGmate PRO, shipped within 4 days direct to your door

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