Electric Guitar Kit Wiring Diagrams

There are many different ways to wire up an electric guitar. The diagrams below represent some of the simplest options available for some of the most common models.

If your model isn’t listed, we will be adding to this list in the near future.

We also recommend the following websites for guitar kit wiring:

Learn more about guitar kit electronics and wiring from our resources section.

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Bryan from guitarkitworld.com - February 25, 2020

Hi Tony, thanks for your interest in our kits. Please, contact our support team at support@guitarkitworld.com regarding new kit requests.

Tony Kadman - February 25, 2020

I like to build my own Squier Jaguar short scale (762mm ) , with authentic pickups and potentiometer + electronics ! Yet , the finish and accuracy must be on the level with Japonese workmanship ….!?
Can you do it ?!
Cheers T

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