Left Handed Guitar Kits, Getting it Right for Lefties

If you’re a left handed guitarist (I left hand salute you) you will have noticed the range of guitars to choose from is a whole lot better than it was just a few years back. Back in the dark ages of 4-5 years ago the range wasn’t anything like what it is now and lefties pretty much had to take what they could get and the getting wasn’t all that good most of the time. But thanks to larger retail music stores going online in a big way us lefties aren’t quite as left out when it comes to having a decent range of guitars to choose from.¬†When it comes to left handed guitar kits it’s still a case of slim pickings most of the time. There are some options out there with a number of independent suppliers able to fulfill orders for left handed kits but most of the time the range is far more limited and there are really just a few options if you prefer going through a larger retail store. Thanks to brands such as Alston, Ras and Stellah there are at least a couple of kits available for those who wouldn’t be seen dead being right. Below we take a close look at three guitar kits suitable for south paws.

Diy Left Handed Les Paul Guitar Kit – Ras


Ras have actually been around for a while (since 2002 making kit guitars and mandolins) but this is the first time I have seen their guitars for sale at Amazon.

This particular LP model is fairly typical of what you might expect when it comes to a standard guitar kit.

  • Les Paul Body
  • Paulownia body (Empress)
  • All hardware supplied to assemble a working guitar
  • All drilling and routing already completed
  • Bolt on neck
  • Chrome hardware
  • No soldering required (clip on electronics)
$175.00 – Buy Now From Amazon

The Ras LP left handed guitar kit from $175.00 looks decent value.

Alston Guitars – Left Handed Electric Guitar Kit | A830L


Earlier in the year we posted an article on Alston Guitar Kits and found a pretty good range (at least for right handers) with some hit and miss issues with drill hole alignment being fairly common place. In most cases those who owned an Alston Guitar kit were quick to say the timber work is done to a high standard but the drill hole alignment isn’t always what you might expect leading to the typical heachache of “Do I contact the company and wait another two weeks or try to repair it myself”.

This can actually get a little dicey, especially when you are talking about off center tuning peg holes that compromise the integrity of the headstock for example. Customers have also been critical of response time. Having said that your options are limited when it comes to left handed kits and for every tale of heartache there is a great looking Alston guitar kit being made so the A830L might be just the ticket if you are reasonably confident you can iron out any minor issues and like the look of the image above.

Based on the Jem the body features the famous handle grip and features a Mahogany body with bolt on neck and maple neck.

  • Jem shape
  • Mahogany body with handle grip
  • Bolt on neck
  • Maple neck
  • 24 fret
  • Rosewood fingerboard
  • Vine inaly (mother of pearl)
  • Humbucker | Single Coil | Humbucker pickup configuration
  • Floyd rose style floating tremolo with locking nut
$179.00 – Save over 30%

Priced from $179.00 and featuring a mahogany body, this left handed guitar kit would seem to represent good value at this price. However as mentioned above Alston can be a little hit and miss so bear that in mind.


stellah-left-handed-teleStellah offer a large range of electric guitar kits through Amazon and also offer a couple of lefties including the Telecaster model (left) and the Precision bass model.

Both guitars are constructed from basswood with bolt on necks and rosewood fretboard. Both guitars also come with the well known paddle style headstock ready to customize to your own design. The Precision bass comes with a pre-loaded pickguard meaning a fairly simple wiring job and you are ready to roll. The Telecaster also comes with a basswood body but in this case the body is binded and looks great in the pics. Both guitars require some soldering, so you will need to have at least some idea of what you are doing, in most cases it’s pretty straightforward stuff though and nothing to be too intimidated by.

Check out the Full Range

As you can see the range of electric guitar kits available for left handers is just a fraction compared to right handers but there are at least some options available if you are interested in building your own electric guitar. We will update this article when more kits for left handers become available, hopefully in the not too distant future.

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